Best Vegan Eats in the Bukit

The south of Bali is definitely one of my favourite areas. If you are looking for the surfer vibe, this is the place to go.

But in the Bukit (the region of the south) you can not only find world class surf spots like Uluwatu and Padang Padang, but also amazing food.

Suka Espresso

Let’s start with my absolute favorite: Suka Espresso. When I used to live in Uluwatu I would go there almost every single day. Their coffee is just the best and they also have an amazing menu. Their Berry Good and the Monkey Business Smoothie Bowls are incredible (don’t forget to order an extra side of granola), and also their Burrito Bowl is the bomb. Also, the staff is so friendly and caring and they make sure that you are not missing anything. Everyone will leave this place happy and satisfied and I’m sure you are will come back for more.


Drifter Surf Cafe

When you’re around Padang Padang you don’t want to miss the Drifter Surf Café. It is not only a cafe, but also a shop with wonderful clothes, bikinis, surfboards and books etc. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and focus on clean fresh local ingredients that will leave you energized and satisfied. Their breakfast burrito is my favorite and they also do delicious smoothies and coffee.


Bukit Cafe

This is one of the first western cafes that existed down here, and if you are hungry, this is the place to be. Their portions are huge. Everything I have ever tried there is amazing. My favorite dishes (besides the smoothie bowls of course) are the Coconut Chickpea Curry and the Vegan Green Burger.


Bukit Cafe

Besides the amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner options, Cashew Tree has the most amazing selection of desserts you can imagine. If you are looking for a healthy treat, make sure you stop by this place. It is a really relaxed ambience and every Thursday night they throw a little party with some live music. They also offer morning yoga and next doors you will find the Bali Training Centre, where you can smash out a sweaty workout.


Kelly’s Warung

When you find yourself around Bingin Beach, stop by at Kelly’s Warung. This place is on the cliff right at the beach and the perfect spot to either watch the surf or refuel during your sessions. They also offer some amazing vegan options like their cauliflower wings, vegan burgers and delicious buddha bowls.


Yeye’s Warung

Looking for something more Asian? Warung Yeye’s offers some really good food and is also very affordable. It is a friendly atmosphere and next to the restaurant they also have a little gift shop where you can find some souvenirs. Their curry is really tasty, and I enjoyed having dinner there.


In the last 3 years this area has grown enormously. Every year there are new cafes and shops popping up and it won’t be long before this place will also be very crowded. But while I hope that this place will not lose its charm, I am also curious about what new food options there will be in the future.

If you have been to the Bukit and your favorite cafe is not on the list. I would be happy if you would write it down in the comments so that we can expand this list together!

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