How I became a morning person

How I became a morning person

Morning is my absolute favourite time of day! I love watching the world slowly come to life.

But that wasn’t always the case. I used to hit the snooze button as often as I could and dragged getting up. I always left the house completely stressed out. That wasn’t the best start to the day of course.

Never did I think I’d ever be a morning person. I always considered myself a night owl. And oh how wrong I was…

At some point I was forced to question my pattern. It started when I was travelling and I definitely wouldn’t stay in bed until noon. And when I got back from my trip and had my first intensive experience with jet lag, I realized how much beauty can be found in these first hours of the day.

Besides, I realized how great I feel when I get up early in the morning and already accomplish some things in the morning. What I also realized is that I am most creative and productive in the morning.

So I put an end to my existence as a night owl very quickly and became a morning person.

Nowadays I love to get up early and to have the first hours of the day just to myself. Sorting my thoughts, setting intentions and getting in the right mindset for the day. 

If you would also like to get up a little earlier, here are a few tips:

Question your habits

Are you REALLY not a morning person, or have you simply convinced yourself over the years that you work better in the evening? Have you ever tried how it feels to get up earlier? And just because you can spend hours in front of the TV at night that doesn’t mean that you are an evening person.

Ask yourself at which time you are most creative and feel inspired. That is the time when you can create so many amazing things. But maybe it’s really the case that mornings aren’t your cup of tea. You should accept that and work with your body and energy instead of fighting against it.

Alcohol and eating late

These two things will make it hard for you to jump out of bed filled with energy and joy. If you drank alcohol the night before and/or had a late dinner, there is a good chance that you will feel quite heavy in the morning and not really get going.

I’m not saying you should give drinking and going out completely! All I’m doing is giving you the thought of maybe adjusting your habits a little bit. You could decide not to consume alcohol during the week or you might try to eat a little earlier.

Screen Time

Pay attention to what you do in the last 1-2 hours before going to bed. Are you watching something on TV? Do you read a book? Do you journal? Or do you perhaps call a friend?

What we spend the last hour before going to bed can have an enormous effect on our sleep, as well as on our well-being the next morning. Because even if you are asleep, your subconscious continues to deal with all this information. We often find ourselves dreaming, trying to process exactly this information. Or maybe you have made the experience that often the topic you have been dealing with before falling asleep comes straight back to your mind in the morning.

Always go to bed at the same time

Set sleeping times can help you to develop a rhythm. If you go to bed at the same time every night, you will automatically wake up at the same time every morning. For example, I wake up every morning at 6am without setting an alarm clock, simply because I always go to bed at the same time each night.

Your sleep will adapt to a rhythm. And another important element to feel good in the morning is that you get enough hours of sleep. When you feel well rested, getting up will become much easier.

Get up earlier

In order to have some time for yourself and your morning routine, start getting up a little earlier. Even if it’s only 10 minutes. You can use those 10 minutes for yourself. If you spend the morning in peace and don’t have to rush out of the house in a hurry, then you will automatically enjoy this time of day a lot more.

Morning routine

Ask yourself what would make you feel good in the morning. What can you do to start the day filled with joy and energy? Create your own morning routine that will help you have a wonderful start to the day.

I have also created a blog post on how you can create your own morning routine, including a workbook, just for you.

Recognize the beauty of the mornings

Every morning, when I watch the sun rise, I am fascinated by the beauty of this earth. I love it when the world slowly starts to come to life, when the first people leave their houses to walk their dogs or to go to work. When the birds start to sing and everything wakes up from its sleep. Mornings are the perfect time to connect with nature, which I think we should all do much more often. Take some time to look around and see the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Your morning sets the tone for the whole day.

I hope that maybe one or two of these tips will help you to enjoy mornings a bit more. And if you start your day right, you will feel much happier and more peaceful all day long.

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