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15 Minute Veggie Pasta

15 Minutes Veggie Pasta

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be Pasta ! Who doesn’t love a good pasta? Besides, it’s the perfect dish when you’re

Create your own morning routine

Create your own morning routine

Perhaps you have already heard about morning routines and would like to develop your own one. A routine that will give you a fantastic start to the day. I love

How I became a morning person

How I became a morning person

Morning is my absolute favourite time of day! I love watching the world slowly come to life. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to hit the snooze button

Walnut Pesto Pasta

Walnut Pesto Pasta

Pasta is one of my favorite meals. And this creamy vegan pesto is definitely worth a try! What I love about it is that it is so simple and you

Start your own journaling practice

How to start a journaling practice

Journaling has become one of my favorite things to do in the morning. It is an essential part of my morning routine. Journaling can help you in so many different

Nutty Vanilla Granola

Nutty Vanilla Granola

Making granola at home is an easy way to make your meals healthier and it also tastes absolutely delicious. This granola recipe is simple, crunchy, healthy and you can swap

Best Vegan Eats in the Bukit

The south of Bali is definitely one of my favourite areas. If you are looking for the surfer vibe, this is the place to go. But in the Bukit (the

My Favorite Podcasts Shows

My Favorite Podcasts Shows

Podcasts are my favorite source of motivation, inspiration and knowledge About two years ago my life started to change just because of a random podcast I came across. It was


Are you ready to level up your life?

I want to inspire you to find the courage to create a life on your own terms. A life beyond your wildest dreams. Because I know we can achieve whatever we can dream of. As soon as I realized that I am the creator of my life everything started to change. I decided to go after my dream life and don’t let the opinions and expectation of others hold me back anymore. Today I am the healthiest and happiest that I’ve ever been in my life. And I want to share my journey, thoughts, tips and tricks with you. Maybe it will inspire you to take action, to create the life you dream of, and become a better and healthier version of yourself. Because it all starts within you!


My Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. I believe that how start our day, sets the tone for the rest of the day. And this also goes for the foods we eat. The first meal of the day determines how you will nourish your body for the rest of the day. So we want to make sure we fill our body with delicious and nutritious foods so we can thrive in our every day lives.

I created this Plant Based Breakfast Guide to give you some healthy meal inspirations. The guide also includes my morning routine, a list with all my staple foods, my food principles and much more. When I created this guide it was important to me to keep things simple. The recipes are very easy to follow and you won’t need any expensive superfoods!

I can’t wait for you to try out my breakfast recipes.

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